Word Macros

Have you ever wished you could easily format CIRS reports for your PC printer?  You can, if you have Microsoft Word 6.0 or later!  By using a Word macro, you can issue a series of instructions which automatically format downloaded compendium or ad hoc reports for printing on your PC printer. Just follow the steps below.


Step 1:  Download the macro commands.


Select the file for your platform and version of Microsoft Word. If you use Windows, you can initiate the download by right clicking on a link below and then selecting the 'Save Target As' option. Be sure to note the location on your PC where the file is saved. Warning: Microsoft Internet Explorer may try to save the file with a .doc extension. Be certain the file is saved with a .dot extension.




Macintosh, Word 6.0

MACfmrpt.dot  **

Windows, Word 6.0

IBMfmrpt.dot   **

Windows, Word 97 & Word 2000

W97fmrpt.dot  **

Windows, Word 2003


Windows, Word 2007

W07fmrpt.zip *

Windows, Word 2010

W10fmrpt.zip *

  * The word 2007 and 1010 version will need to be unzipped after download.

** Though they are still available for download, we no longer support versions prior to 2003.


Step 2:  Create a Word macro on your PC using the downloaded commands.


To create a macro, open Microsoft Word and create a new document. From the toolbar, select Tools>Macros>Organizer. In the Organizer window, click on Close File for the pane that is not your Normal.dot. Then click on Open File. Go to the location on your PC where the downloaded macro was saved and open that file. Next, select (highlight) the macro, click on Copy and close all windows. Your macro is now in Microsoft Word and can be used whenever it's needed!


Step 3:  Run the macro to format your CIRS report.


To use a macro, download any CIRS report to your PC as a .doc file and open in Microsoft Word. From the tool bar, select Tools>Macros. Highlight the desired macro and select Run. If you have any questions, please call the Hotline.