Throughout CIRS, the F3 key is used to exit, cancel screens, applications, and functions.  However, there are some special circumstances when the F3 key cannot be used.  Those specific conditions and navigation solutions are discussed below.


As a rule, if you encounter a situation where the F3 key does not work, do not close your emulation window to exit CIRS because you will remain logged on and may continue to accrue charges.  Call the CIRS Hotline immediately at 916-323-5694 for assistance.  

Online FOCUS Environment

To exit the online FOCUS environment, type FIN at the caret (>) prompt.  The system will respond with the ad hoc statistics message.  Press the ENTER key to clear the message and return to the main ad hoc reporting screen.  

Batch or Extract Job

You cannot personally cancel a job that's been submitted, but the CIRS Hotline staff can cancel it for you.  Call the Hotline at 916-323-5694 for assistance.  

System Not Responding

If your session becomes 'locked-up' use the ATTN key on your keyboard to jump back to the SCO menu and then press the PF12 key to LOGOFF. (If you don't know where your ATTN key is located, refer to your keyboard mapping.)  Alternately, call the help desk at the Office of Technology Services (OTech), formerly known as DTS, at 916-464-4311 and ask them to cancel your TSO session on SY3.