Differences Between TR and EH Files

The Transaction Data and Employment History Extract files each contain historical PPT transaction data from 1976 forward for your faculty and staff.  The files differ, however, on the type of records and the data elements they contain.  Refer to the chart below for a summary of the file differences.



Transaction Data (TR)

Employment History Extract (EH)


Transactions effective from January 1, 1976  forward

Same as TR. Transactions can optionally be selected based on key entry date


Excludes Deleted, Voided, Fixed, Eliminated, A54 and Student transactions  

Deleted, Voided, Fixed, Eliminated and A54 transactions can optionally be included  

Data Elements


Selected fields on PPT

Most fields on PPT

Common Use

This file could be used to obtain transaction counts and for historical reporting

This file could be used to generate Employment History Summaries, to verify keying and to create a 'point in time' file

Update Schedule


The source file for the EH extract function is updated immediately upon entry of a PPT

Additional Info

Fields not found in the TR file may be available in the EH file

The EH file must be created with specified parameters before using