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The browse command (B) can be used to view report request commands in your personal library or the common library.  This command is especially useful for viewing report requests in the common library because changes cannot be made while browsing.     


To browse report request commands, type a 'B' to the left of the report request name and press enter.

                       CIRS PERSONAL LIBRARY                 

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Cmd  Name     Description                                 Changed  


 _  EMPHIST   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY REPORT                 2003/05/28

 B  EMPLIST   EMPLOYEE LIST - RUN QUARTERLY             2003/05/23

 _  FACULTY   FACULTY STATS                             2003/05/14


The report request will be displayed in browse mode.  Note: If sequence numbers display on the right side of the screen, they may cause problems when the request is executed.  You should remove them by editing the report and typing NUMBER ON at the command line and pressing enter.  Then, type UNNUMBER at the command line and press enter.  Contact the CIRS Hotline if you require assistance.



BROWSE    PD.CSUCFOC.userid(EMPLIST)     Line 00000000  Col 001 008

Command ==>                                        Scroll ===> PAGE

**************************** Top of Data **************************

-* EMPLOYEE LIST - RUN QUARTERLY                            0001000

EX JACPS                                                    0002000

TABLE FILE AC                                               0003000

HEADING CENTER                                              0004000

"CURRENT EMPLOYEE LIST"                                     0005000

PRINT AC:WNAME/A25 AS 'EMPLOYEE'                            0006000

      AC:CLASS AS 'CLASS'                                   0007000

      PS:TITLEA AS 'TITLE'                                  0008000

      AC:FTE AS 'FTE'                                       0009000

BY AC:AGYUNIT AS 'AREA'                                     0010000

BY AC:WNAME NOPRINT                                         0011000

FOOTING                                                     0012000

"DATA AS OF <AC:DAO"                                        0013000

END                                                         0014000

**************************Bottom of Data***************************

If desired, you can print the report request commands you are browsing, by putting your cursor over the word OPTIONS in the upper left corner of the screen and press the enter key.  A menu will appear with the options PRINT and DOWNLOAD.  Select print by typing a 1 at the prompt and press enter.   



|----------------| userid(EMPLIST)     Line 00000000  Col 001 008

1  1. PRINT    |                               Scroll ===> PAGE

|    2. DOWNLOAD |                                               

|----------------|********** Top of Data ************************

At the Printer Options menu, select the desired printer and if needed, change the number of copies and specific lines to print.  Press enter to send to the printer or F3 to cancel. 

To exit the report and return to the main menu, press F3.


|--------------- Printer Options ------------------|


|                                                  |

PRINTER: 2     COPIES: 1      LINES FROM: 000001 |

|                               LINES TO  : 999999 |

|                                                  |

| 1. XXTN8003                                      |

| 2. XXTN8004                                      |

|                                                  |

|         ENTER TO PRINT - F3 TO CANCEL            |


Last Updated: February 16, 2024