Main Ad Hoc Reporting Screen

By default, your personal library will display as the main ad hoc reporting screen.  Each of the 3 sections, the action bar, the library index and the function keys, are discussed below.​

Action Bar

The action bar is the first line of screen and provides jumps to other functions and options in CIRS.   



                       CIRS PERSONAL LIBRARY                 ​

Library Index 

The middle portion of the screen displays the library index.  The reports are listed in alphabetical order by name, along with a description, if provided. The total number of reports (rows) is displayed in the upper right corner.  Available action commands are shown above the report index.


                       CIRS PERSONAL LIBRARY                 

Cmds     B Browse   C Copy     D Delete        E Edit   Row 1 of 17

         P Print    R Rename   S Submit Batch  O Online Execution

Cmd  Name     Description                                 Changed  


 _  EMPHIST   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY REPORT                 2003/05/28

 _  EMPLIST   EMPLOYEE LIST - RUN QUARTERLY             2003/05/23

 _  FACULTY   FACULTY STATS                             2003/05/14

    • To use an action command, type the letter to the left of the report name and press enter.  For more information, refer to Ad Hoc Action Commands.
    • Use the function keys (discussed below) for navigation and other ad hoc reporting functions.   
    • ​For more information refer to the topics, Personal Library and Common Library.​

Function Keys

The function keys are located at the bottom of the main menu and provide navigation options as well as access to other ad hoc reporting functions.    

F1=Status  F2=New   F3=Exit    F4=Locate    F5=Sort      F6=Swap Lib

F7=Up      F8=Down  F9=Search  F10=Results  F11=HoldFile F12=Extract

    • To use a function key, press the corresponding key on your keyboard.  
    • For more information, refer to the topic: Ad Hoc Function Keys.​​

Last Updated: February 15, 2024