Online FOCUS Environment

The online FOCUS environment screen displays the current version of FOCUS along with the date and time you entered the online environment.  The FOCUS prompt (>) is where session commands are typed.   


FOCUS  7.0.9  08/10/2003  11.00.45  8022.03


> >

The online FOCUS environment can be entered either by typing an 'O' at the command line for a report request in your personal library or the common library, or by pressing the F2 key at the main menu and leaving the report request name blank.

    • If entered by selecting online execution, the online FOCUS environment screen will display while FOCUS is processing the commands in the selected report request.  
    • If entered by pressing the F2 key, the online FOCUS environment screen will display after the required file(s) is selected.​

Below are session commands that can be entered at the FOCUS prompt.   Commands can be typed at the prompt whether there is one (>), two (>>), or three (>>>) carets displayed.


EX or EXECExecute a procedure or report request.
? nQuery command, where n is the message number, to display a detailed explanation of a message.
QUITQuit the procedure and return to the FOCUS prompt.
RETYPERe-display the last report. Note this command can only be used immediately after exiting the hot screen.
HARDCOPYSends last report to your default printer.
FINExit the online FOCUS environment and return to the CIRS main menu.

Last Updated: February 20, 2024