Custom Campus Files

Custom files contain data that resides on CIRS and is available exclusively for, and maintained solely by, your campus. A custom file can be used as a 'stand-alone' database, as a cross-referenced file, or can even be executed as part of the standard defines.  There is no additional fee to have a custom file set up for your campus.


Several campuses have developed custom files.  Most of these files contain information such as department name, mail stop numbers and workload assignments.  Many of the custom files began as decode defines but were converted to custom files for ease of maintenance and for accessibility by all campus users.  To view the descriptions of these files, search the common library for the word:  CUSTOM. 


There are several methods for developing custom files and incorporating those files into CIRS.  The method used depends on several factors, such as how the data will be updated, the frequency of updates and frequency of use. 

If you would like to discuss setting up custom files for your campus, email the CIRS Support Email ([email protected]).  ​

Last Updated: February 20, 2024