Common Library Reports

The CIRS common library is a terrific resource for ac hoc report writers. This is an environment where CIRS users can share their reports with the entire CIRS user community. If you've never ventured into the common library, now is a good time. Over 30 new report requests were added to the common library during the month of November!


To access the common library, press the F6 key from the main menu in your personal library.


F1=Status  F2=New   F3=Exit    F4=Locate    F5=Sort      F6=Swap Lib

F7=Up      F8=Down  F9=Search  F10=Results  F11=HoldFile F12=Extract


When the library has finished loading, the index will display. To return to your personal library, simply press the F6 or the F3 key. All maintenance and execution functions available in your personal library are available in the common library. Reports beginning with the letters FOC were developed for your use by HR-Data Operations.  


                       CIRS COMMON LIBRARY                 

Cmds   B Browse   C Copy      D Delete        E Edit    Row 1 of 402

       P Print    R Rename    S Submit Batch  O Online Execution

Cmd  Name     Description                                  Changed  




 _  Aaprobq   SDSU ACAD AFFRS PROB Q EMPLOYEES           2004/10/18



To locate a report request in the common library:


  • Use the Search function (F9 key) to identify reports that contain a specific word or phrase.   

  • Use the Sort function (F5) to sort the library by the changed date to find reports recently added.  

  • If you know the report request name, you can use the Locate function (F4 key) to jump to the location of the specified code in the report index. This function can also be used if just the first (alpha) character of the report code is known.

  • Use the Up/Down functions (F7 and F8 keys) to scroll up and down through the alphabetical list of reports to view the description.


If you find a report request that looks interesting, use the browse command to view the report to  prevent accidentally modifying the report.  Requests can be used 'as-is' from the common library or copied to your personal library and modified.


For more information about the common library, refer to the CIRS User Manual, or call the CIRS Hotline.


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