Downloading Problems

Below are the most common calls we receive regarding downloading.  If you encounter a problem that is not listed here, please call the CIRS Hotline.




Download isn't working.

  • Confirm you were given download authority on the CIRS001 Action Request.

  • Verify the host filename is typed correctly.

  • Confirm the host filename is enclosed in single quotes and does not have any spaces before or after the filename.

  • Verify your File Transfer Settings.  

Downloaded data has strange characters.

Specify a format (e.g., LOTUS) in your request and generate the hold file again. Packed fields and smart date fields are not readable when downloaded.


Wrong data or no data in downloaded file.

Before downloading, verify the data by browsing the hold file and or batch report.


Received ABEND message when download was initiated.

You do not have download authority.  Contact your CIRS Security coordinator to request download access.


Transfer fails before completing.

Check your File Transfer Settings.  If using Attachmate EXTRA, be sure 'buffered' transfer is selected.