IPEDS Noting Changes on the Detail Report B41

These reports contain data as of the last working day in October.  Any retroactive keying that took place at the campus after that date do not need to be keyed into the IPEDS system.  Employees with an ethic code of unknown do not need to be corrected.  Employees listed in the B43 report that are not counted or receive message number is 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 08 and 12, will need to be manually added to the IPEDS Online System.  Employees with message number 01 and time base the same as the other position, should be checked if the highest salary position is selected.  Employees that are executives with academic rank or tenure will need to have the field Exec/Acad set to T since all employees are set to N.

Column D - Action is used to indicate the action to be taken on this employee.  If there is no change, leave the field blank.  If there is a change, enter a C.  If the employee should be deleted, enter a D.  NOTE:  WHEN KEYING THE CHANGES TO CIRS-IPOS, A “C” MUST BE ENTERED IN THE ACTION FIELD OTHERWISE THE CHANGES KEYED WILL NOT BE SAVED.


Adjust Sex (E)Cross out the incorrect code (E) and write in the correct code below it.
Adjust Ethnic Group (F)Correct the ethnicity origin in the Ethnic Code column (G) by crossing out the code and writing in the correct code below it. 
Adjust Ethnicity (G)Correct the ethnicity code in the Ethnic Origin column (G) by crossing out the code and writing in the correct code below it.  The code entered must be a valid CSU Et​hnic Origin.  These codes are used to derive the ethnic group (F) for the Summary Report.  Note, changing the Ethnic Group (F) will not change where the employee is reported.  Ethnic code (G) must be changed.  Any employees that appear in the Unknown column (13 or 14 in the report B40) should not be adjusted.  To change an employee to unknown, use the column override (M) or change the ethnic origin to Z to count that person as unknown.
Adjust Last Name (J)Not necessary to correct.  For Identifying the employee
Adjust SSN (K)Not necessary to correct.  For Identifying the employee
Change the Primary Position (N)

In the Primary Position column (N), an X represents the position chosen by the IPEDS System as the primary position.  To change this, cross out the X on the one chosen and enter an X in the Primary Position column (N) for the position it should be.   This could impact whether the employee is counted as faculty or staff (B), the salary interval (X), occupational activity(C), etc.


To add another position that should be the primary position, simply fill in all of the information for columns O through W and mark an X in the Primary Position column (N).  Don't forget to cross out the X for the one assigned by the IPEDS System and enter a C in the Action column (D).

Change New Hires StatusThe date range for new hires is 07/01 - 09/30 for the reporting year.  Cross out the Employment Date (W) and write in the corrected Employment Date to derive whether an employee appears on Part L - New Hires.  An * next to column Employment Date column (W) indicates the employee is considered a New Hire.  This * appears on the report only to assist in identifying the new hires easily.
Adjust Salary Interval (X)

For the primary position, cross out the Annual Salary (O) and write in the new annual salary below it.  The annual salary must reflect the employee's Base Pay times the Annual Factor for the class.  In most cases the factor is 12.  Refer to the Salary Schedule for a list of the base pay and annual salaries for all CSU class codes.


Salary Interval (X) can also be adjusted by selecting a new Primary Position (N).

Adjust Occupational Activity (C)The Affirmative Action Code (R) determines the occupational activity.  By changing this, the employee can be moved from one activity to another.  Affirmative action code is determined by class code for non-MPP employees, therefore, the class code portion of the Position Number (P) should also be changed.   Adjust both by crossing out the old and writing in the new codes underneath.  Refer to Occupational Activity for a list of the Affirmative Action codes.  Affirmative Action Code also determines if the employee is counted as faculty (first character is an F) or staff (first character not an F).  Refer to the Affirmative Action Codes for a list of class codes and job codes.  For employees in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP), the Job Code Affirmative Action Code is used.  To adjust an MPP employee, cross out the affirmative action code and write in the new code underneath.
Adjust for 9/10 Month Salary Contracts, Less Than 9/10 Month Salary Contracts, and 11/12 Month Salary Contracts (C)The Class Code (P), Duration of Appointment (S) and Probation Code (T) determine these three categories.  Refer to the Selection Criteria for a list of the valid values for each.  Make changes to Class Code (a portion of Position Number), Duration of Appointment and Probation Code by crossing out the old codes and writing in the new codes underneath.
Adjust Academic RankThe Range Code (Q), see coding values class 2360, determines the academic rank.  This impacts the Summary Report PDC0543, Part G - Tenure of Full time Faculty.   Change the range code by crossing out the code and writing in the new one below it.
Adjust Tenure StatusThe Probation Code (T) determines the tenure status.  This impacts the Summary Report PDC0543, Part G - Tenure of Full time Faculty.  Change the probation code by crossing out the code and writing in the new one underneath.  Refer to Tenure by Probation Period Code to see how the program determines tenure.
Adjust Full Time/Part Time (B)Adjust the Time Base (U) by entering the numerator and denominator in the form nnnddd, where nnn is the numerator and ddd is the denominator.  Full time for a single position must be indicated by FT.  Intermittents and indeterminates do not need to be added.  An employee is considered full time if the sum of all their active and on leave positions is greater than or equal to .990 FTE (full time equivalent).
Adjust Non Citizen (H)An N is placed in this column to indicate that the employee is not a non-citizen.  If the campus has information to indicate otherwise, cross out the N and write a Y underneath.  The adjusted summary report will then count them under column 1 or 2.  To change an employee's non-resident status, change the field Non Citizen to Y or N.
Adjust Executive With Academic Rank or Tenure (I)Adjust the Executive with Academic Rank or Tenure field (I) only if the employee is an executive.  All other employees must have the value of N.  The letter T is placed in this column to indicate that the employee is an executive and has held a tenured faculty position.  To change an executive employee with academic Rank or Tenure status, change the field Exec W/Acad.
Delete a PositionEnter 'spaces in all fields (N-W).  If this was the primary position, another one must be selected.  By deleting this position, the full time/part time status (B) of the employee could be impacted.
Delete an EmployeeEnter a D in the Action column (D).
Add an EmployeeEnter additional employees at the end of the listing for the appropriate Part (B) of the Detail Report.  Fields E through W must be entered for each employee.  The Action column (D) should be left blank.  In the Override Line (L) and Override Column (M) fields indicate where the employee should be counted on the report.  This should coincide with the detail data entered.  When keyed to CIRS-IPOS, this information will not appear as the override line and column.  When the reports are regenerated, the data will determine where the employee is counted.  Use the detail report to confirm where the new employee was counted.
How to Override Where Employee is counted.Columns L and M are available if the campus determines that there is not enough time to adjust the detail information.  Enter the line and column number from the Summary Report where the employee should be counted.  Both overrides must be specified even if one remains the same.  Line is a three character entry and column is a two character entry.  For example, if an employee should be counted in line 12 column 6, the entry must be 012, 06.  Note that this is not the preferred method.  This option is provided only to assist the campuses if other tasks take priority over this.  The IPEDS System will report the employee as noted in the override.


IPEDS Online Manual


The IPEDS Online Manual is included in this CIRS online manual.

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