Compatible Emulation Software

If you use a desktop computer to access CIRS on the SCO mainframe, the emulation software installed on your computer must be compatible with the 64-bit operating system, z/OS version 1.4, on the IBM mainframe computer at the Office of Technology Services (OTech), formerly known as DTS.  If your software is not compatible, you may not be able to access CIRS.  


Below is a list of emulation software that campuses have confirmed with the vendor as being compatible with the operating system. If you have any additions to the list, let us know so the information can be posted here.





myExtra! v7.0
myExtra! v7.1
myExtra v7.6
myExtra! v7.11


Rumba 2000 Mainframe Edition v6.0

Jolly Giant Software Inc

QWS3270 Plus

SDI Limited

TN3270 Plus