Compendium Reports - Payroll Warrant Register

The State Controller's Office discontinued printing copies of the Payroll Warrant Register (Payroll Letter #20-017) in January 2003.  However, on online version of the report can be printed, edited or download, along with other related reports, via the CIRS Compendium.  


The reports listed below are available 2 days after master payroll cutoff, and retained for 20 days.  The cycle format is year and month (e.g., 0211).  

  • A03 - Payroll Deposit Report

  • A04 - Master Payroll Warrant Register

  • B62 - Master Payroll Warrant Register By SSA Order Within Position Number

  • G30 - Payroll Warrant Register - Summary Total By Agency and Unit.


Additionally, you can use the Ad Hoc Reporting function and the Payment Extract (PY) File to report on daily payroll.  Refer to the CIRS Common Library request:  DAILY.


For instructions on accessing Compendium Reports and/or generating ad hoc reports, refer to your CIRS User Manual or call the CIRS Hotline.