IPEDS 40 Description

The IPEDS Summary Report consists of six parts.  This document considers each part a separate report and uses the terms part and report interchangeably.

  • Part H - Full Time Faculty Employees by Racial/Ethnic Category, Sex, Contract Length and Salary Class Intervals.

  • Part I - All Other Full Time Employees by Racial/Ethnic Category, Sex, Primary Occupational Activity and Salary Class Intervals.

  • Part J - Part Time Employees by Racial/Ethnic Category, Sex, and Primary Occupational Activity.

  • Part K - Summary Totals of Full Time and Part time Employees.

  • Part G - Tenure of Full Time Faculty by Racial/Ethnic Category, Sex, and Academic rank.

  • Part L - New Hires by Racial/Ethnic Category, Sex, and Primary Occupational Activity.

Full time faculty reported in Part H are also reported in Part G.  All full time new hires included in Part H and I (Except full time faculty with less than 9 or 10 month contract in part H) are also reported in Part L.  An employee is considered a new hire if the employment date for a position falls within July 1 and September 30 of the reporting year.


Each of the reports has a set of criteria that is applied to an employee’s data record.  If all of the conditions for a report are satisfied, then the employee is counted and reported in that report.  Based on the above criteria, an employee may appear in more than one report.  Refer to the Report Selection Criteria which is used to categorize an employee using the employee's highest time base position.


Any data errors that are found in an employee's record which prevent the selection of the employee for one of the reports are reported in the Detail Error Report B43.  The employee will continue to be rejected from the reports until the campus Payroll/Personnel Office corrects the error.  Depending on the error, campuses may need to manually add the employee to the IPOS.


Each employee position on the database is given an initial screening as follows:

  1. The position must be a CSU position.
  2. Only active positions and positions whose coding indicates a temporary separation are accepted.
  3. The position pay rate must be greater than one dollar.
  4. Positions with the first character of the Affirmative Action Code equal to X (for Excluded) are not reported. However, graduate assistants, teaching associates and employees in class code 1238 (SFSU only) are included.
  5. For Management Personnel Plan (MPP) positions, the Job Code affirmative action code is used for reporting and NOT the Class affirmative action code.

Any rejection after this initial screening is due to missing or invalid data which prevents the system from assigning the employee to the correct report.  For employees holding more than one position on campus, the position with the highest time base is used for reporting.  When more than one position qualifies for the highest time base, the system selects the first of these positions for reporting.  This event is reported on the Detail Error Report B43 with a message number of 01.


An employee is considered to be full time on a campus if the sum of the time bases for all qualified positions on the campus is greater than .990.  Otherwise, the employee is considered part time.


Refer to the Summary Report B40 for a sample page.  Each field/column on the sample report has been labeled with a letter to assist in identification and provide a Brief Definition of each field.  The letters will appear in parenthesis.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024