Sample Request:  Summer Session Pay

Consider the following report request:   Identify payments issued for the May 2006 through September 2006 pay periods for summer session employees in class code 2357.   


There are several possible solutions which are outlined below.   The best solution for you will depend on your skill level, familiarity with the system and time constraints.  Note:  The costs and times specified are based on systemwide access.  Campus cost and times may be less.

Solution 1:  

Match the Payment History files for the current and prior fiscal years.  The PH files contain all payments issued within a fiscal year.   Since payments for the requested pay periods issued in two different fiscal years you must gather data from the current fiscal year and hold it to a permanent hold file.  Then, match the data held to data from the prior fiscal year (available under batch) and generate the final report from the merged data.   

  • Skill Level:  Advanced

  • Total Time: approx. 30 minutes to write, test and execute FOCEXECs

  • Total CPU Cost: approx. $8

Solution 2:  

Create a Payment Extract file.  You can use the payment extract process to create a PY file for the timeframe needed.  Due to the amount of data involved, the system will not allow the ALL SSN'S option to be selected in combination with the CURRENT & PRIOR 36 BUSINESS MONTHS file source, so you must use the SSN'S IN PERMSML option.  In this case, the employees were paid via A54 transactions, so that file was used to select the SSN's.  Next, you would generate a PY file using the SSN's in PERMSML.  Your final report would be generated from the PY file.

  • Skill Level:  Intermediate

  • Total Time: approx 15 minutes to write, test and execute FOCEXECs and create PY extract file.

  • Total CPU Cost: approx. $4

Solution 3:

Use the Payment History Summary file to generate the report.  This file is available under batch and contains all payment activity for the current and 5 prior fiscal years.  Since the file spans the timeframe without the need for a match or creating an extract file, using it is very simple.  However, due to its size, executing reports using this file will be costly.  

  • Skill Level:  Beginner

  • Total CPU Cost: approx. $24

  • Total Time: approx 5 minutes to write, test and execute FOCEXEC