Verifying A Successful Extract

​It is vital to verify a successful extract by checking the status message before the file is used.  Failure to confirm a successful extract may result in incomplete data and/or erroneous reporting.


Status Message

Status messages are used to determine the progress of your job and whether or not it completed successfully.  The time it takes for an extract job to complete depends on the number of SSN's being extracted, the time frame specified and the volume of activity on the computer.  For more information, refer to the topic Status Messages.​


To determine the status of an extract job, press the F1 key from the main menu.


F1=Status  F2=New   F3=Exit    F4=Locate    F5=Sort      F6=Swap Lib

F7=Up      F8=Down  F9=Search  F10=Results  F11=HoldFile F12=Extract​


After pressing the F1 key, you will receive a status message indicating the job is waiting for execution, is running, or has completed. The message will also contain information regarding the success of the job.  


Overflow Condition

A status message may indicate your Employment History or Payment History completed, but with overflow records.  If this occurs, it means the volume of history extracted for an individual employee exceeds the maximum record length allowed (31748 bytes).  Thus, you will not receive all data for the affected employee. Note:  For Employment Verification extracts, overflow conditions are indicated in the heading text of the resulting batch report file.


The following employees are subject to data overflow:


  • Employees who have multiple position sequences.

  • Employees who have multiple payments in multiple positions.

  • Employees with multiple retroactive adjustments.

  • Employees with numerous monthly deductions.

Employees with data overflow will have a value of X for the field:  XX:OVERFLOW.  To identify employees with overflow, execute a report request that screens on that field.  For example:    








If you identify an employee with data overflow, generate another extract file for the affected employee and select a narrower date range.  


Status Unknown

A status message may indicate your extract job has completed, but the status is unknown.  Typically, the problem is the amount of extracted data exceeded your file space allocation.


Below are suggestions for correcting space allocation problems.  


  • Select fewer SSN’s.

  • Specify a narrower range of dates.

  • Extract only the position sequences that meet the selection criteria.


If the suggestions are unsuccessful and you still receive a message indicating your job status is unknown, note the job number and contact the CIRS email ([email protected]) for assistance. 

Last Updated: April 11, 2024