Sample Request: Addresses For Faculty Paid In Prior Pay Period

This following sample request identifies addresses for faculty paid by your campus in the prior business month. A match is needed between the Payment History (PH) - prior business month file which contains the targeted employees, and the Active Current Status (AC) file which has address information for active employees.  To identify the address for employees who have separated since the payment was issued, an additional match is needed with the Separated Positions (SP) file.  Refer to the notes in the report request below for additional information.  The request is in the CIRS common library as FOC5002.


Sample Output (comma delimited file):  


"222-22-2222","monkey, mm   ","400 40th ave  ","sacramento, ca   ","99999"

"888-88-8888","bear, jr     ","123 main st   ","san francsico, ca","99999"


Report Request:



-* all required defines must be executed before the match command.






-* the lines below identify r03 ee's paid in the prior pay period.

-* employee name is summed so only one record is selected.


match file ph

sum ph:wname

by ph:ssa as 'ssa'

if ph:cbid eq r03


if ph:payperiod eq 2005/01



-* the lines below gather address for active positions

-* and matches the data to the ssn's selected from ph file.

-* the match option 'old' is used to keep all the records from

_* the ph file and only bring in matching aC records.

-* the resulting matched data is held to permsml.


file ac

print ac:street ac:ctyst ac:zip

by ac:ssa as 'ssa'

after match hold as permsml old



-* the line below gathers address for separated positions

-* and matches it to the data held in permsml.

-* the resulting matched data is held to permlrg


match file permsml

print ph:wname ac:street ac:ctyst ac:zip

by ssa



file sp

print sp:street sp:ctyst sp:zip

by sp:ssa as 'ssa'

after match hold as permlrg old



-*the defines below merge the address fields from ac and sp.


define file permrlg

street/a28 = if ac:street eq ' ' then sp:street else ac:street;

ctyst/a25 = if ac:ctyst eq ' ' then sp:ctyst else ac:ctyst;

zip/a5 = if ac:zip eq ' ' then sp:zip else ac:zip;



-* the lines below generate the final file for downloading.


table file permlrg

print ssa ph:wname street ctyst zip

on table hold as permrpt format lotus