Converting Alpha Dates to Smart Dates

Most date fields in CIRS are stored as 'Smart Dates'.  However, some fields contain both dates and alpha values and must be stored as an alpha field.  For reporting purposes, these fields can be defined as smart dates in your report request.  


If the field is stored with a date edit option (e.g, A8MDYY) you can convert it to a smart date by simply providing a smart date format (i.e., MDYY).  For example to convert Probationary Period Ending Date (XX:PROBDATE) from an alpha format to a smart date, the syntax would be:




However, if the field is stored without a date edit option, (e.g, A6) you must first define the field with a date edit option (i.e, A6MYY) then convert to a smart date.  For example to convert Anniversary Date (AC:ANNIDATE) the syntax would be:   






  • When converting a field to a smart date, you must keep the date components in the same order.  After it's defined as a smart date, you can manipulate the display format.  

  • After conversion to a smart date, non-date values will display as blank values.


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