Sample Request: Getting All Position Data For Department Chairs

Consider the following report request: Identify all department chairs (Class  = 2481) and their active faculty positions (CBID = R03, Class not  = 2481), if any.   The fields needed are:  SSN, employee name, position number, FTE, base pay, salary, agency/unit and school.


In this case, there are 3 different methods that could be used to get the needed data.   There is no 'right' way.  You should choose the method that is best suited to your proficiency at writing ad hoc reports.    

Method 1 - AC and EH files:  

Identify department chairs in the  Active Current Status (AC) file, and hold their SSN's to your PERMSML file.  Using the SSN's in PERMSML, generate an Employment History (EH) current status file.   The resulting file will contain all position sequences (active or not) for department chair employees. Use screening statements to identify only active R03 positions.  Refer to common library report request: Chair1

Method 2 - Define and Hold file:  

Using the AC file,  write a define to 'flag' department chair positions and set the value to a numeric 1.  In the TABLE request, sum the flag by SSN and print additional needed fields (using multiple verbs technique), if the CBID = R03 and hold the data.    The summed value of the flag will be set on each position per SSN.  Use a screening statement to select only those records with a flag value of 1 or greater.  Refer to common library report request: Chair2

Method 3 - Match AC file:  

Write a match request using the AC file.  Make one pass to identify employees with a  department chair position, and another to identify all R03 positions.   Use a match option to select all department chairs and to include faculty positions, if any.  Note:  As a result of the match, all positions will be contained in a single record per SSN.  Use the FOLD-LINE command to display the different positions on separate lines. Refer to common library report request:  Chair3