Changes To Employment History Extract

The Employment History (EH ) Extract process was recently modified in response to user suggestions and comments.  The changes include:


  • The addition of descriptive text to the ALL SSN'S option to clarify that the Transaction Data (TR) file is the source.  

  • The removal of the output file selection due to the elimination of the SCO PROD format.     

  • The addition of options to include or exclude transactions for students (A98), special consultants (A54) and separated employees. Note: If you choose to include separated transactions, you will be prompted to include A54 transactions and prompted to exclude separations older than a specific date.


We hope you'll find the changes make the extract process better and easier to use, especially when creating current status files.  For a detailed explanation of the Employment History extract process and the options, refer to the CIRS User Manual.  If you have any questions, or additional suggestions for improvements, please call the CIRS Hotline.  


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