SNOS Required and Optional Matrix

The required and optional matrix illustrates the fields that are needed for the different actions within the SNOS.  The fields: Rank through Class Notes occur from one to twelve times allowing for twelve classes to be recorded.  At least one current class is required for an ADD action.


Due to the confidential nature of the information, the field names and definitions for the SNOS database are not published.  

Email the CIRS email ([email protected]) to request a copy.   



D = Display field only

R = Entry is required

O = Entry is optional

N/A = Not applicable



Add Action

Change ActionInactivate ActionDelete Action
Campus Numeric CodeDDDD
Program Calculation DateDDDD
Record Changed DateDDDD
Social Security NumberRDDD
Name, WholeRDDD
Roll-Up PointsDDDD
Collective Bargaining IdROOD
Class CodeROOD
Program NoteOOOD
Probationary Period CodeROOD
Program Calculated PointsRDDD
Campus Adjustments PointsOODD
Class Total PointsDDDD
Class NotesOOO

* Probationary code of space is considered a valid entry.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024