Sample Request: Exempt Employees With CTO

Note: This report can only be used by campuses participating in the SCO's Leave Accounting System.


This month's sample report request was developed by Vern Schuck at Sonoma State. It identifies exempt employees with CTO balances and generates a report that shows all their positions, exempt or not. This report could be executed on a monthly basis to identify individuals who must be paid off and their balances cleared. The complete report request is available in the CIRS common library as EXMPTCTO.


ac:ssa       position         flsa  lastname  STREET        CITY & STATE  ZIP     CTO

------       --------         ----  --------  ------        ------------  ---     ---

000-98-7654  000-012-3306-001 E     MONKEY    555 MAIN ST   CHICO CA      95973   104.25

111-12-3456  000-070-2358 002 E     CROW      123 EAST ST   CHICO CA      95973    38.00

111-12-3456  000-358-0420-001 N     CROW      123 EAST ST   CHICO CA      95973      .00

111-12-3456  000-070-2358 001 E     CROW      123 EAST ST   CHICO CA      95973      .00


Things to note:  

  • In order to gather the data for this report, multiple matches are needed. The first match uses the Active Current Status (AC) file and identifies all current employees with at least one FLSA exempt position, then all active positions (exempt or not) are gathered for the identified employee and held to your PERMSML file. The PERMSML data is then matched to the Leave Accounting Summary (LX) file to obtain the CTO balances.

  • The resulting file will contain multiple rows for employees with multiple active positions. For those employees, only the first row will contain the CTO balance. The remaining rows for the employee will have a zero balance.

  • The final data is held to your PERMLRG file in a Lotus format for downloading.  

  • The report contains record limits so it can be tested online.   If you like the sample report generated, copy the report to your library, remove the record limits, and execute under batch.