Extracting Pay Data For Uploaded SSN's

If you maintain a file on your PC for a group of employees whose payment history needs to be monitored, you can upload those SSN's to your CIRS PERMSML file and then generate a Payment Extract (PY) file for that group. The steps below outline the process.  Note:  You cannot use the upload function unless you have upload authority.  Contact your CIRS Security Coordinator for more information.  

Step 1:  

Create a list of SSN's on your PC.

  • Use only one SSN per line (row).

  • The SSN's can be typed with or without hyphens.   

  • Save the file as a text (.TXT) file.

Step 2:  

Upload your PC file to your PERMSML file in CIRS.    

  • From action bar on the main CIRS menu, select OTHER and choose option 1.

  • Read and follow the instructions at the Upload screen.

Step 3:  

Create a Payment Extract (PY).  For example, to extract payment data for the current and prior 36 business months, use the selections below.  Do not proceed to Step 4 until you confirm a successful extract.

  • SSN Option:  SSN'S In Hold File PERMSML

  • Date Type & Range:  Pay Periods From 0105 To 0405

  • File Source:  Current & Prior 36 Months

  • Output File:  PY

Step 4:

Generate the needed report using the extracted pay data.  For example, the report below generates a running total of gross pay, by pay period, for each employee:



table file pY

sum py:grosspay

and compute RUN_TOT/P12.2 =




by py:ssa


by PY:payperiod



For complete information on uploading data and creating extract files, refer to your CIRS User Manual.  

See also: Uploading SSN's To PERMSML.