Common Library Reminder

Recently, a report request in the common library was modified by someone who was not the owner.  This resulted in erroneous data for the owner of the report request.  As a reminder:


  • You should never change a report in the common library unless you are the owner.  

  • If you accidentally change a common library request, type CANCEL at the command line before pressing the F3 key.  If you press the F3 key, your changes will be saved.

  • To prevent changing a request in the common library, view a report using the browse (B) command, instead of the edit (E) command.

  • If you find a report that you'd like to use, use the copy (C) command to copy the report request from the common to your personal library.  

  • Contact the CIRS Hotline for assistance with restoring a modified common library report request.


For additional information, refer to the topic: Common Library Procedures.  Complete information on the common library is available in the CIRS User Manual.