Data Element: Employee Status Code

Employee Status Code is a computer generated field that indicates the employee's overall current status in the Transaction Data (TR) and Systemwide Transaction Data (STR) files.  The coding values are:


  • 1 = Active or onleave

A status code of 1 indicates the employee currently has at least one active or onleave position sequence.  Note that an employee with a status code of 1 may have separated position sequences.   


  • 3 = Separated or right of return

A status code of 3 indicates the employee is currently separated from all position sequences.  Note that position sequences with return rights (Transaction Codes S30 and S71) are considered to be separated.  


For example:

The following employee has 2 position sequences.  One of the position sequences is active and the other is separated, so the employee's overall status code is considered to be active or onleave (status code = 1).  

                      psn                   tran

SSA          STATUS   SEQ     EFF DATE      CODE

---          ------   ---     --------      ----

123-45-6789  1        01      07/31/1993    S10

             1        01      01/21/1993    a52

             1        02      02/02/2004    a52


For additional information on the TR and STR files, refer to the CIRS Data Element Dictionary.