Systemwide Head Counts

CIRS has several systemwide employee data files available for generating summary and statistical reports.  These files have both personal and position data for faculty, staff and management employees at all CSU campuses, but exclude confidential data (i.e., SSA, name, address, remarks).


Although confidential data is excluded, it's still possible to get employee head counts simply by counting any field that resides in the first segment.  For example, if you wanted to get a head count of employees by ethnic code:   


ex sac

table file sac

count sac:brthdate

by sac:ethnic



Additional tips:  

  • Do not reference any fields in the lower (position data) segment of the file, otherwise you'll receive a position count instead of a head count.  

  • Since there is no unique identifier in the first segment (i.e., SSA) you should not use the DST. operator to get a distinct count of the field occurrences.  

  • If you need a report with systemwide data, the Compendium has a wide selection to choose from.