Compendium Cycle Dates

When a compendium report code is selected, all available cycles are displayed for that code.  Cycles refer to the update frequency and/or timeframe of the report, and are usually displayed in a year and month (YY/MM) format.  For example, the cycle screen below shows cycles for May 2006 and April 2006:





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Cmd Cycle  Campus Name       Expires                     

 _  06/05  SYSTEMWIDE       2006/05/31                   

 _  06/04  SYSTEMWIDE       *ON TAPE*                    

 _  06/04  SYSTEMWIDE       2006/06/10  *** CUSTOMIZED REPORT ***

************************* Bottom of data *************************


F3=Exit     F7=Up       F8=Down


Other cycle date formats include: fiscal year (YY/YY), calendar year (CC/YY), current only (all 9's), and daily (66/NN) where NN indicates the day of the week, with Monday as 6601, Tuesday as 6602, etc.  For clarification on the timing of the report, refer to the 'Data As Of' date on the report heading or description.  


Additional information:

  • Any available cycle can be browsed, edited, printed or downloaded.   

  • One or more cycles can be selected. If multiple cycles are selected, they will be processed one at a time.

  • Reports stored on magnetic tape will display an expiration date of *ON TAPE*. After a report is recalled, the expiration date will display in a YYYY/MM/DD format.

  • When a report on tape is selected to be browsed, edited or printed, a message will display while the file is being recalled. The message begins with the text  'ARC1020I DFSMSHSM IS RECALLING FROM DASD'. To clear the message, press the enter key.   

  • If a report was previously edited, the text CUSTOMIZED REPORT will display after the expiration date.