CTO Aging Report

A report generated by the State Controller's Office is available in the CIRS Compendium to help you monitor unused Compensating Time Off (CTO).  The report identifies employees with unused CTO balances greater than 9 leave periods old. It is sorted by SSN and shows the ending balances by leave period.  


The code for this report is S03.  It is updated monthly, usually after the 3rd Sunday, and can be accessed directly by using the Express (F1 key) function, or by selecting the report code from the index.


This report was announced last January per the State Controller's Leave Accounting Letter #04-005.  If you have any questions about the data in the report, contact the Leave Accounting Liaison Unit at 916-327-0756.


Note:  This report is only available for campuses whose employees are on the State Controller's Leave Accounting System (CLAS).