CIRS Forms

CIRS001 - Action Request and Instructions (.PDF)

This form is used to request access to one, or all, of the various system components (Basic System, IPEDS, MPP Job Code Table, Seniority Points), change a user's access, delete a current system user, or to add/change hardware used for CIRS.  If used to request basic system access, it must be submitted along with the SCO's PSD108 form - Statement Of Understanding (refer to HR/Personnel Records 2003-01 on the Systemwide HR web site).  


CIRS002 - Annual Self-Certification Statement (.PDF)

This form is completed annually by the campuses to self-certify they are in compliance with the applicable SCO information security policies outlined in the SCO Information Security Policy Manual and the SCO Decentralization Security Guidelines.


CIRS003 - Security Coordinator Designation (.PDF)

This form is used to designate the primary or alternate CIRS Security Coordinator for a campus.


Completed forms can be sent to either:

[email protected] with SSN's left blank for security purposes.

  - Or -

Terry Rondaris ([email protected]) and Gene Howard ([email protected]) via MoveIt if SSNs are included



Please note: As of March 2021 the CIRS001, CIRS002, and CIRS003 forms were converted to electronically signable PDFs.