Separate First Name and Middle Initial

Contrary to it's name, the data element XX:FRSTNAME contains both employee first name and middle initial.  If you need to split this into two fields, a define is available in the common library named MIDDLINT.   This define is especially useful if you are downloading data for use with mail merge programs, or other systems.


When MIDDLINT is executed, it creates two new fields named: FRSTNAME and MIDDLINT for use in the Active Current Status file.  However, it can be copied to your personal library and modified for use in any file where the field XX:FRSTNAME consists of first name and middle initial - simply change the file prefix used in the define.  


Note:  Due to keying errors in the field, the define is not 100% accurate.  Inaccurate data can be altered after the data is downloaded.  ​

Last Updated: February 22, 2024