Status Message (F1)

Each time you submit a job (e.g., batch, extract, etc.), the system assigns a number to that job.  You can check the status of a job number by using the F1 key.  The time it takes for a job to complete depends on the report request, the volume of data being accessed and the amount of activity on the system.  


To check the status of your job, press the F1 key from the main menu.


F1=Status  F2=New   F3=Exit    F4=Locate    F5=Sort      F6=Swap Lib

F7=Up      F8=Down  F9=Search  F10=Results  F11=HoldFile F12=Extract

Status messages will be displayed in one of two ways.  Either the message will display on a screen by itself or will appear on the bottom of the existing screen.  In either case, press the enter key to clear the status message and return to the main menu.


A sample status message is shown below.  


    • ​​​The first portion of the message 'CT_userid' indicates the type of job, your userid and the job number.  
    • The middle portion of the message indicates the specific job number and type of job.  
    • The last portion of the message indicates the job is waiting for execution, is running, or has been completed.​

If you receive a message that indicates 'Contact HR-ISA', please note the job number and email CIRS Help email (cirs​@calstate.edu)


Status messages accumulate throughout the day. If you have submitted more than one job, you will see a status message for each job.  Refer to the specific job number to identify the status.  All status messages are cleared each night.


System Notification Messages

System notification messages are automatically generated when a job is finished and the enter key, or a function key, is pressed while working in CIRS.  If have logged off while a job was running, the system notification message will display during the log on process.  These messages contain cryptic text and can be ignored because all the pertinent information provided by these messages is available by using the F1 key to check the status of your job. To clear system notification messages, simply press the enter key.​

Last Updated: February 19, 2024