Change/Inactivate Employees By Group

The SNOS main menu is illustrated below.  To change or inactivate employees by collective bargaining id or by class code, type a C at the option line and press the enter key.  To exit the SNOS main menu, press the F3 key.  


                   THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY                    

                 CAMPUS INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM                  

                    SENIORITY POINT ONLINE SYSTEM                


- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - -   

                 SELECT OPTION: C                               


                   C - CHANGE/INACTIVATE EMPLOYEES BY GROUP           

                   B - CHANGE/INACTIVATE EMPLOYEES BY SSN             

                   A - ADD EMPLOYEES           

                   D - DELETE EMPLOYEES            


                  F3 - EXIT APPLICATION      

When Option C from the SNOS main menu is selected, the menu below will display.  A collective bargaining designation (CB ID) or class code can be entered.  Either selection displays those employees who have a current class meeting the selection criteria.  If a CB ID is selected, the employee records are displayed in current class code order by SSN.  If an employee has two current classes within the CB ID selected, that employee will appear twice, once within each current class.  If a class code is entered, the employees will appear in SSN order within that class.  

                   THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY                    

                 CAMPUS INFORMATION RETRIEVAL SYSTEM                  

                    SENIORITY POINT ONLINE SYSTEM                     


- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - -   


               ENTER CB ID   **  OR  **   CLASS CODE                  

                      CB ID          CLASS                            

                       ___           ____                             


              INCLUDE TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES:  N  (Y OR N)               



- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - - - 


When either the CB ID or class option is used, you can select whether you want to display temporary employees with a current class that meets the selection criteria.  If temporary employees should not be displayed, enter an N (default and automatically appears) next to INCLUDE TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES.  If the temporary employees should be included, enter a Y.


To exit the menu, leave the CB ID and Class field blank and press the enter key.  Should you press the F3 key by mistake, type FIN at the prompt > and press the enter key.


The update screen is displayed below.   This screen is the same whether you are updating by CB ID, class or SSN.  Your campus code will appear in the upper left hand corner.  The calculation date appears on the same line as campus code and reflects the 'data as of date' the program used to calculate the seniority points.  The date the data was last changed will appear in the upper right hand corner.  This date will change each time a change is keyed to this employee.  Refer to the SNOS Required and Optional Matrix and SNOS Data Elements for entry requirements and field definitions.


SN03                SENIORITY POINT ONLINE SYSTEM                        

CAMPUS:  00               CALCULATION DATE: 9612    LAST CHANGED:  970110

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


 555-55-5555  NAME: SMITH, JOHN                 ROLL-UP POINTS:     .0000

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


      ID   CODE   NOTE  CODE  POINTS      POINTS       POINTS       NOTE


 1    R09   1578   C     I    143.0000       .0000    143.0000           

 2    R07   1126         I     18.0000       .0000     18.0000           

 3    R07   1418         I     50.0000       .0000     50.0000           

 4                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

 5                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

 6                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

 7                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

 8                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

 9                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

10                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

11                               .0000       .0000       .0000           

12                               .0000       .0000       .0000      ​


The ACTION field tells the SNOS what action to take for the employee displayed.  An entry of C indicates one or more changes will be made.  An entry of I indicates the employee has separated, left the union or is exempt from layoff.  The SNOS does not actually remove this employee from the file but rather marks the record as inactive and does not include the employee in reports.  The only time an inactive employee record can be accessed by the SNOS is to use Option B - Change/Inactivate Employees by SSN from the SNOS main menu (SN02).  The message EMPLOYEE IS INACTIVE PROCESSING A CHANGE WILL ACTIVATE THE EMPLOYEE will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Entering a C in the Action field will activate the employee.  An employee could also be activated if you try to ADD the employees record to the data base and the record already exists.  


If no changes to the employee’s record are necessary, enter an N in the Action field.  If no entry is made in the Action field, the message PLEASE ENTER APPROPRIATE ACTION is displayed and all the fields that you changed are initialized to their original values.


After all changes are keyed to the displayed employee, press the enter key.  This is the verification phase.  If there are no errors, the update screen is re-displayed with the TOTAL POINTS and ROLL-UP POINTS recalculated and the Action line does not display.  The message IF CHANGES ARE CORRECT, PRESS ENTER.  ELSE MAKE CORRECTIONS AND PRESS ENTER is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  At this time, verify the data and make any necessary corrections and press the enter key.  During the verification phase, there is no way to ’back out’ your changes.  If you decide to delete changes, just reenter the original data and press the enter key.  The LAST CHANGED date will reflect today’s date but the fields will be back to their original values.  


During the update phase an audit is performed to ensure there is at least one Program Note set to C for indication of a Current Class.  Program, Adjustment and Total Points are all audited to ensure that their values do not exceed 999.9999.  If any of these audits fail, a message is printed  at the bottom of the screen indicating the problem.  The problem must be fixed before the change can be processed.


If you are updating employees by SSN or adding employees, screen SN04 or SN05 will appear and another SSN can be entered.  If updating employees by group, the next employee within the group is displayed.  There is no mechanism for paging back.  If you discover that you need to go back to an employee, wait and go directly to that employee using Option B - Change/Inactivate Employees By SSN from the SNOS Main Menu (SN01).


To exit, either continue to press the enter key until you have paged through all of the employees in the group or press the F3 key after you pressed the enter key for the last change.  Either way all changes keyed to that point will be saved.  


Do not use any other function keys besides the F3 key while updating.  Other keys may force the termination of the update function and prompt you with a >.  If this occurs, type FIN and press the enter key.  



To perform modeling of the effect layoffs with retreat rights into other classifications will have, use the PROGRAM NOTE field as follows.  Do not change any other fields for modeling only.  

  • Change PROGRAM NOTE from C (currently active) to a space for layoff with no retreat classes.

  • Change PROGRAM NOTE from C (currently active) to E (equal or greater classification) for layoff with retreat class.  Change PROGRAM NOTE to C for the class retreated to.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024