No Data For Report Request?

Each month our office receives calls from users whose reports are running without errors, but are not generating any data.  Below are some of the common reasons why this occurs and some tips to solve the problem.   


  • Coding values are incorrect.  This is the most common reason why records are not retrieved.  Verify the coding values in the screening statements are spelled correctly and are valid for that field.  If your screening statement uses WHERE syntax, be sure alpha values are enclosed in single quotes.  


  • Wrong file selected.  This typically occurs when trying to access payment data.   There are several payment files available in CIRS, all of which are organized by ISSUE date.  For a summary of the files, refer to the topic:  Differences Between  PH, PY and PHS Files.  


  • File not created.  This occurs for report requests that use a hold file (PERMSML, PERMLRG or PERMRPT) or an extract file (Employment History or Payment History).  Before using a hold file, check the contents by browsing the file.  Before using an extract file, run a quick report to verify the file is populated.  For example, count the number of SSN's to confirm the file is populated.  


  • No records found.  If you've selected the correct file and your coding is correct, then it's possible that none of records in the file meet all your screening criteria.  If you think you should have retrieved records, try commenting out all but one of the screening statements and running the report.  If you get data, then un-comment the next screening statement, and run the report again.  Continue this process until you identify the screening statement responsible for zero records selected.