Compendium Report Highlights

Below are some Compendium Reports that you might find useful.  All reports are updated monthly and are at the campus detail or campus summary level.


Report Code

Report Description


Identifies employees with a name change during the last 30 days.


Detail information on A54 transactions for the current fiscal year.  Includes retirement information if employee has a regular, active position.   


Identifies employees whose probationary period is due to expire in the next two months.  


Summary report of total gross and net pay for faculty, staff and students.  Amounts sorted by pay period.


Identifies employees with an address change during the last 30 days.


Year-To-Date contribution totals for employees with tax shelter and deferred compensation deductions. Identifies employees who have already exceeded the annual contribution limit and projects when an employee will exceed the annual limit.


For additional information on the reports above, refer to the report's specification sheet.  For instructions on accessing Compendium Reports and/or generating ad hoc reports, refer to your CIRS User Manual or call the CIRS Hotline.