SNOS Rules

The following covers the rules for updating the Seniority database.

  • The calculation date is very important in SNOS.  This date reflects the point in time that all points are calculated to.  For example, a calculation date of 0306 indicates that all points are calculated up to and including 06/30/2003.
  • All types of actions performed on the Seniority database must only be up to the last calculation date.  
  • The Seniority Points program will never go back and recalculate points or extract data before the calculation date.  This preserves changes made by the campus up to that point.  
  • Once a campus has completed the initial conversion for a union, updates by the campus should be very minimal.
  • The types of changes that the campus would make would include service prior to 1976, discrepancies in the program calculated points versus campus calculated points, discrepancies in when to roll points forward and most often, retroactive changes made on PIMS with an effective date prior to the last calculation date.
  • In addition, the seniority points program calculates points at the class level.  Therefore, campuses must manually adjust points for employees in classes with skill levels.
  • The changes should not include transactions that were posted on PIMS after the last run by HR-ISA.  These changes would be picked up during the next run.  The only exception to this might be if the reports are due to the union.  In this case, HR-ISA will make the run as usual and the campuses will be given several weeks to make adjustments before we forward the reports to the unions.  These adjustments might include any retroactive keying that took place after the calculation date that the campus feels should be included in the reports to the union.​

Last Updated: April 11, 2024