Transaction Listing

Several users have asked for a report that lists all transactions key entered for a specific time period.   Below is an example of this type of report:  


PAY    AGY/                                 time             

TECH   UNIT   TRAN  EFFECT DATE EMPLOYEE    base       SALARY  entry date

----   ----   ----  ----------- --------    ----    ---------   ----------

PAttY  100111 A50C  02/02/2001  SNAKE, EVE  FT      $1,830.00  04/14/2002

       100111 GENC  07/01/2001  DINGO, DAN  049060  $2,620.68  04/16/2002


The report is available in the common library as TRANLIST and uses the EH extract file. Refer to the comments in the report request for the extract selections before executing the request.  Included in the report is a define to sort the data by payroll tech.  The syntax to create the defined field is also available in the common library as PAYTECH.  Refer to the comments in the report request for more information.   


The report will display the following fields:  Pay Tech, Agency/Unit, Transaction Code and Suffix, Effective Date, SSA, Employee Name, Position Number, Base Pay, Time Base, Salary and Entry Date. (Note:  Due to the width of the report, the following fields are not displayed in the sample report above:  SSA, Position Number and Base Pay.)


We recommend copying TRANLIST and PAYTECH to your library and then customizing them to fit your needs.  For more information on copying report requests or creating Employment History Extract files, refer to you CIRS User Manual or call the Hotline.