IPEDS Occupational Activity Grouping

The Affirmative Action codes is a 3 character field: ​

1)  The first character is alpha which identifies the affirmative action category where the classification will be grouped.  There are eight different letters representing the various assigned categories.


2)  The second character is a number zero through nine (0 - 9) which represents the unit determinations or the Management Personnel Plan.


3)  The third character is alpha which identities the specific job group.  No job family has more than five job groups and half the job families have a single job group.


For example, the Affirmative Action code E0C would mean that the classification would be found in the category E, for Executive; the 0 would identify the Job Family, Executive, and the C would identify the Job Group Administrator III.


Occupational Activity
Affirmative Action Code* (First Character Only)
Executive, Administrative, and ManagerialE


Less than 9/10 month salary contracts

9/10 month salary contracts

11/12 month salary contracts

Other Professional Non-Faculty (Support/Serv)P
Skilled CraftsS
Excluded (not reported)X​

*    This code is assigned to all CSU class codes and MPP Job Codes.  The class code relationship is maintained in the HR-ISA Pay Scales and in the HR-ISA Salary Schedule.  The Job Code relationship is maintained by the Chancellors Office through the MPP Job Code Online system in CIRS.  Refer to the Affirmative Action Codes ​for a list of class codes and job codes.  For employees in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP), the Job Code Affirmative Action Code is used.​

Last Updated: April 11, 2024