Sample Request: Active Employees With No Activity

The sample report below can be used to identify and audit employees at your campus whose position is active/onleave, but who have not had any transactions effective in the last 5 years. The Active Current Status (AC) file is used to generate the report since it contains only active/onleave positions.   The report request is available in the CIRS common library as FOC5005 and can be easily modified to include additional fields, if needed.


Sample Report:


           ACTIVE/ONLEAVE employees with no activity since 01/01/2000        

                             Data as of 06/24/2005                           


EFFECTIVE   EMPLOYEE      Social       CODE  TYPE            position        

---------   --------      ------       ----  ----            --------        

07/01/1995  BEAR, CINDY   123-45-6789  645   leave w/o pay   000-111-2905-031

08/20/1998  TURTLE, JOHN  987-65-4321  A52   app0intment     000-000-1800-988


Report Request:




heading center

"active/ONLEAVE employees with no activity since 01/01/2000"

"Data as of <ac:dao"

" "

PRINT AC:effdate   as 'effective'

      ac:wname     as 'employee'

      ac:ssa       as 'social'

      ac:trancode  as 'code'

      ac:trantype  as 'type'

      ac:posit16   as 'position'

BY AC:EFFDATE  noprint

IF ac:effdate lt 01/01/2000