A54 File

The A54 file contains selected fields from A54 (Special Pay) transactions keyed by your campus. This database is available for ad hoc reporting using batch execution.


Due to the number of A54 transactions that can accumulate for a single employee, employees with A54 transactions posted on or after 10/01/2003 will only have A54 transactions effective 01/01/1990 or later in this file.  This is to avoid overflow records while still providing the employee's most recent A54 transactions for reporting purposes.  If you need to access A54 transactions prior to 1990 for these employees, create an Employment History Extract file.


Employees who have not had A54 transactions posted 10/01/2003 or later, will have all A54 transactions keyed by your campus in the A54 file, back to 1976.


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