Employment History Work Sheets

Have you ever received a request like the following: Identify all employees who received a promotion per an A64 transaction for the last fiscal year.  Provide the effective date of the promotion, their class before and after, along with their salary before and after.


Before you start manually pulling personnel files, save yourself some time and effort by using CIRS to generate worksheets.  The worksheets contain all transactions for the employee and position sequence for the specified timeframe and can be used to determine the required information.  Here are the suggested steps:  

Step 1

Identify the social and position sequence number (TR:SSAPSN) of the target employees and hold the data to your permanent hold file named PERMSML.  For example:


ex tr
table file tr
print tr:ssapsn
on table hold as permsml
if tr:trancode eq A64
if tr:effdate from 07012000 to 06302001

Step 2

Create an Employment History Extract file for the socials and position sequences held in your PERMSML file.  Transactions will only be extracted for the position sequence appended to the social security number.  Be sure to select a RELATIVE file type to ensure you capture the 'before' transaction for promotions effective 07/01/2001.  The selections for the extract file would be:  


ssn's in permsml
effective dates from 000701 to 010630
relative file type
eh output file

Step 3

After confirming a successful extract, execute the report request HSTSUMRY from the common library or write your own request (example below).  If desired, you could download the data to a spreadsheet and delete unwanted transactions.  


Ex eh
table file eh
by eh:ssa  by eh:wname  by eh:psnseq  by eh:effdate

print eh:trancode eh:class eh:salary