CIRS Forms

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CIRS001 - Action Request and Instructions
 ​California State University, HR-ISA (
 This form is used to request:
  • ​​​Access to any of the various system components (Basic System, IPEDS, MPP Job Code Table, Seniority Points, etc.)
  • Change a user's access, delete a current system user, or add/change hardware used for CIRS.
If used to request basic system access, it must be submitted along with the SCO's PSD108 form - Statement Of Understanding (refer to HR/Personnel 2003-01  for more details). 

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for action requests to be processed.
CIRS002 - Annual Self-Ceritifcation Statement
 CIRS002 Form.pdf (
This form is completed annually by the campuses to self-certify that they comply with the applicable SCO information security policies outlined in the SCO Information Security Policy Manual and the SCO Decentralization Security Guidelines.

CIRS003 - Security Coordinator Designation
 California State University ( form is used to designate the primary or alternate CIRS Security Coordinator for a campus.  
The CIRS Security Coordinator is responsible for determining a user’s access to the system and overseeing the completion and submission of the above forms to HR-ISA.  

Completed forms can be sent to either:

​Please note: As of March 2021 the CIRS001, CIRS002, and CIRS003 forms were converted to electronically signable PDFs.

Last Updated: February 16, 2024