Changing Your Default Printer

When a CIRS001 is submitted to our office requesting your system access, the printer listed on the form is the one designated as your default printer.  This means it's the primary mainframe printer you will use for printing all CIRS reports and it's the printer where Online FOCUS reports will be routed via the HARDCOPY command.  However, almost all campuses have more than one mainframe printer.  If available, these additional printers are listed on your Printer Options menu used for printing Batch reports, Hold Files and Compendium reports.  For example:


|--------------- Printer Options ------------------|


|                                                  |

| PRINTER: 2     COPIES: 1      LINES FROM: 000001 |

|                               LINES TO  : 999999 |

|                                                  |

| 1. XXTN8003         3.  XXTN8005                 |

| 2. XXTN8004         4.  XXTN8006                 |

|                                                  |

|         ENTER TO PRINT - F3 TO CANCEL            |



Your default printer is automatically selected on the Printer Options menu.  To use another printer, simply type the corresponding printer number.  You can also optionally enter the number of copies and the line numbers to print.  Press enter to send to printer, or F3 to cancel. Note: The printer change is not permanent. To permanently change your default printer, your security coordinator must submit a new CIRS001 form to our office.