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The IPEDS reporting system consists of four reports.  The only report forwarded to IPEDS is the Summary report B40.  All of the remaining reports are used at your campus for verifying and correcting the data.


These reports are available through CIRS.  In CIRS they are referred to as Compendium Reports.


The steps for adjusting the information on the CIRS IPEDS Online system (IPOS) are as follows:

1.   Print IPEDS compendium reports B40-B43, cycle is 0910.  Refer to Batch Print for information on accessing and printing reports.  An alternate report is available for the B41 report.  C41 is sorted by name instead of SSN.  Refer to B41 for field definitions.


ReportUpdate Instructions ​
Alternate Report
B40Summary Report  
B41Detail Report by Employee Group by SSNC41Detail Report by Employee Group by Name
B42Control Total Report  
B43Detail Error Report by Employee  

2.   Review the reports for accuracy and Note Changes on B41.

3.   Key the changes noted on B41 using the IPOS.

4.   Generate Updated Compendium Reports B40-B43 and review changes.


To get access to the CIRS IPOS, print and fill out the form CIRS001.​  CIRS form CIRS001 must be filled out before you can have access to the IPEDS Online system.  If you do not currently have access to CIRS, you will still need to fill out the form   Instructions on filling out the forms are included in the document.  When the form is completed, fax it to HR-ISA to obtain access to CIRS.​

Last Updated: April 11, 2024