IPEDS B41 Description

The IPEDS Detail Report B41 consists of the employee detail for the Summary Report Parts H - Full time Faculty, I - All Other Full time Employees and J - Part-time Employees.  Parts G - Tenure of Full time Faculty and L - New Hires are not included because the detail is already in either H, I or J.  Adjusting this information will automatically adjust Parts G and/or L.  All active and on-leave positions for an employee are included in the Detail Report.  This is to facilitate changing the primary position assigned by the IPEDS System.  The report is sorted by the reporting group number.


Use this report to denote changes in how the employee is to be counted.  Refer to the instructions in how to Note Changes on the Detail Report B41.


It is important that you make clear notations because this is the report that will be u​sed to key the changes to CIRS IPOS.


Refer to the Detail Report by Employee Group B41 for a sample page.  Each field/column on the sample report has been labeled with a letter to assist in identification and provide a Brief Definition of each field.  The letters will appear in parenthesis and are referenced throughout the instructions.

Last Updated: April 11, 2024