IPEDS B43 Definitions

ACampusCampus code ​and name.
BSocial Security NumberSocial Security Number of the employee.
CLast Name15 Character Last Name of the employee.
DEthnic OriginThe ethnicity origin on the Employment History Database for the employee.  If no code is printed, the data is not on the database.  The employee is assigned an error message of 05.  The employee will still be counted on the IPEDS report B40, but under column 13 or 14 for unknown.
EExec W/AcadIndicates if an executive employee has retreat rights to faculty.
FPosition NumberPosition Number of the Employee.
GPrimary PositionX indicates that this was determined to be the employee's primary position.
HAnnual SalaryBase Pay times the annual factor for the class.  This is the number assigned to the employee's classification on the HR-ISA Pay Scales.  It is used to compute the employee's annual salary.  The formula is Base Pay Rate X Annual Computation Factor.
IRange CodeRange of the position.
JSexThe sex of the employee.
KAffirmative Action

This is the three character Affirmative Action Code assigned to all CSU class codes.  Only the first character of the affirmative action code is used to group the CSU classes into their primary occupational activity.  Refer to the list of CSU Affirmative Action Codes.  For employees in the Management Personnel Plan (MPP), the Affirmative Action Code assigned to the Job Code is assigned from the MPP Job Code instead of class code..


LDuration of Appoint.This is a two character code that indicates the duration of a temporary appointment.  Refer to the online PIMS Manual Data Element Item 415 for additional information.
MProbation CodeThe probation code for the position.
NTime baseIndicates the time base of the position.
OEmployee Counted

Indicates if the employee was counted.  "Yes" means the employee was included in the IPEDS report.  "No" means the employee was not included.  The particular report that the employee was counted or excluded from is identified in the "Report No" column.  In the case of multiple positions, the position that was counted or the one which caused the employee to be rejected appears on the same line as the "yes" or "no" message.


PEffective DateThe effective date of the last transaction posted for the position.
QEmployment DateThe employment date for the employee.
RMessage NumberThe reason for rejecting an employee from the IPEDS report is coded in this column.  Refer to the list of Error Messages.
SLine Number

This is the line number on the summary report B40 which the employee will be counted in.  This identifies the report in which the employee was included or rejected from.  The report numbers are as follows:


Report Section                                                 Line Number

H        Full-time Faculty                                     1-16

I          All Other Full-time Employees                 19-65  

J         Part-time Employees                               68-76


Full time faculty reported in part H are also reported in report G, Tenure of Full Time Faculty.

All full time new hires in reports part H and I are also included in part L, New Hires.

TColumn NumberThis is the column number on the summary report B40 based on which ethnic origin and sex the employee will be counted in.