Security Coordinator Duties

Security for the data and access to CIRS is the sole responsibility of the campus.  In addition to the items below, campuses must follow the procedures outlined in the SCO Information Security Manual that pertain to accessing the SCO Computer System.   


The CIRS Security Coordinator is our central contact at the campus and is responsible for authorizing access to CIRS and monitoring the security of the data and equipment.  Their duties include the following:


  • Signing and overseeing the completion and submission of the appropriate CIRS access forms to HR-Data Operations.

  • Determining a user's access to Compendium reports, as well as each ad hoc reporting file, and the available fields within each file.  

  • Notifying HR-Data Operations regarding the deletion of system users, and changes to hardware and security.

  • Conducting a walk-through of the system with new users to determine all functions are operating correctly.

  • Disseminating information regarding CIRS to all campus users.    

  • Following the policies and procedures outlined in the SCO Decentralized Security Guidelines (refer to HR/Personnel Records 2003-01 on the Systemwide Human Resources web site).

  • Annual self-certification of campus compliance with the applicable SCO information security policies.


For additional information on security and access procedures, refer to the CIRS User Manual.  


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