Sample Request: Employees With CBID Change

The sample request below identifies active or separated employees who were appointed to management positions from represented positions in the last 5 fiscal years.  The steps for generating the report are described below.



ssa          name           psn  effdate     Tran  class  cbid

---          -----          ---  -------     ----  -----  -----

111-11-1111  gorilla, jim    01  06/01/2001  a63   3312   R09

222-22-2222  monkey, ron     01  08/01/2000  a60   3306   r09

333-33-3333  Ferret, Pam     02  07/01/1999  a63   3318   r09


Note:  The actual report contains additional fields that could not be displayed here due to the width.  

Step 1:

Use the Transaction Data (TR) file to identify employees with an MPP position effective in the last 5 fiscal years.  Write and execute an ad hoc report request to select their SSN and hold to PERMSML for use with the Employment History (EH) extract process.  


ex tr

table file tr

print tr:ssaPSN

if tr:cbid eq m80

if tr:effdate from 07/01/1999 to 06/30/2004

on table hold as permsml



Note:  The field TR:SSAPSN is used so that the EH extract process will only select transactions for the MPP position sequence(s) held by the SSN.

Step 2:

Create an EH file to extract transaction data for the SSN's and position sequences held in your PERMSML file using the following parameters:  


  • EFFECTIVE DATES FROM 99/06/30 TO 04/06/30
    (to select the prior transaction if the employee was appointed to MPP on 99/07/01)

    (to select prior transaction if none is effective on 99/06/30)


After confirming a successful extract, proceed to step 3.

Step 3:

Write and execute a report request using the EH file to evaluate the employee's history and determine which employees moved from a represented position to a management position.  In general, the procedure for the request is as follows:

  • Identify the fields needed and use a hold file to organize the data from old to new so that the LAST command can be utilized.

  • Create a defined field that identifies the CBID on the prior transaction (using the LAST command) and set that value on each transaction.  

  • Screen on transactions where the value for EH:CBID is M80 and the prior CBID is represented.


The report requests used for this report are in the CIRS common library as FOC4006A and FOC4006B. Please refer to the comments in the requests for additional information.