Uploading SSN's To PERMSML

If you maintain a spreadsheet containing SSN's for a specific group of employees, you can upload a list of those SSN's from your desktop PC to your CIRS PERMSML file and then use the PERMSML file to create an Employment History or Payment History Extract file.  


It is also possible to gather data from other CIRS files for the SSN's in your PERMSML file by using the Match command.  Call the CIRS Hotline for additional instructions.  


In order to initiate the upload process, you must have upload access.  To request access, ask your CIRS Security Coordinator to submit a CIRS001 form to HR-Data Operations.  


Tips and Hints:

  • The uploaded file must be a text file with only one column of data.

  • Do not include a column title in the text file.

  • The SSN's can be typed with or without the hyphens.

  • The fieldname for the uploaded SSN's is E01.  

  • You can not upload SSN's to your PERMLRG or PERMRPT files.


Refer to the CIRS User Manual for information on the upload process and creating extract files.  For information on the Match command, refer to your FOCUS documentation.