Sample Request: Employees Without All Health Deductions

The sample request below identifies employees who do not have all deductions for health (flex cash or otherwise), and dental and vision deductions.  The report could be used to research employees who may be entitled to additional benefits.  The report request uses the PH - prior business month file and is available in the CIRS common library as FOC5001.  


                 employees WHO DO NOT HAVE ALL deductions

                    for health AND dental and vision

                       report run:  99/99/9999


                             flex    flex

employee    ssa              cash    hlth  health  vision  dental

--------    ---              ----    ----  ------  ------  ------

Ant, Sara   123-45-6789   -128.00     .00     .00     .00     .00

camel, bob  987-65-4321       .00   65.08     .00     .00     .00

eagle, jim  345-67-8910       .00   31.06     .00     .00     .00


Step 1:

Gather deduction information for each employee and use the sort command ACROSS to get one line of data per employee.  Place the results in a hold file for further processing.  


ex ph

table file ph

sum ph:dedamt

by ph:ssa

by ph:wname

across ph:dedtype

If ph:campx eq X

If ph:payperiod eq 2004/12

if ph:dedtype eq fc or FH or hb or hd or hv

on table hold as permrpt



  • When the report is executed in the online or batch environment, select the option for the PH - prior business month.

  • The PH file contains all payments and deductions for your employees, including those generated by another campus. To select only those deductions issued by your campus, include a screening statement (e.g., IF PH:CAMPX EQ X, where X is your alpha campus code).

Step 2:

Evaluate the data in the hold file and generate the final report.  


table file permrpt

heading center

"employees wHO DO NOT HAVE ALL deductions"

"for health AND dental and vision"

"report run &date"

" "

print ph:ssa  as 'ssa'

      ph:fc   as 'flex,cash'

      ph:fh   as 'flex,hlth'

      ph:hb   as 'health'

      ph:hd   as 'dental'

      ph:hv   as 'vision'

by PH:wname   as 'employee'

where ((ph:fc + Ph:fh + ph:hb) eq 0))
or (ph:hd eq 0) or (ph:hv eq 0)



  • Refer to the hold file's Master File Description for the fieldnames and formats of the data held.

  • The parenthesis are required in the screening statement for each of the conditions.  


For more information on the across command and creating hold files, refer to your FOCUS documentation.  Information on creating hold files is also available in your CIRS User Manual.  


See also:  Holding Data Using Across Command