Finding Sample Report Requests

We often get phone calls from ad hoc report writers trying to locate a report request they can either use 'as-is' or copy and modify.  This is a great idea to save yourself some time and effort.  Below are several options you can explore.  


  • Browse the common library.  You can search for a key word in reports by using the F9 search key, or you can browse and search the library index (AAINDEX).  Remember to use the BROWSE command when viewing another user's report to avoid accidentally changing the report.  

  • Look at the report requests in the Data Element Dictionary.  All of the major files in the DED have a sample report request that represents typical usage of the file data.  Each of the sample reports are available in the common library.   

  • Refer to the training examples and exercises in the Basic and Advanced Workbooks.  The examples are particularly useful because they provide a discussion of the FOCUS commands used, a sample of the output, and the code used to generate the report.  

  • Use the CIRS Website!  This is your portal to all things related to CIRS.  You'll find dozens of report requests in the Sample Reports section located under Ad Hoc Reporting on the navigation pane, or you can use the search feature to identify all topics that contain a keyword or phrase.


Lastly, whenever you create a report - even something simple - consider sharing your work with others by copying it to the common library and adding its name to AAINDEX.  The report you've written may be just what someone's looking for!