Viewing Results Online (Hot Screen)

If a report is generated in the online FOCUS environment, (i.e., there are no errors and records are retrieved) the data will display in the FOCUS 'hot' screen.  To exit the hot screen and return to the FOCUS prompt, press the F3 key.


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----    ------       -------------       -----  -----        

000005  222-11-2222  LLAMA, RON          2360   PROFESSOR AY

000299  000-11-0000  MONKEY, SUE         2354   TCHNGASC-AYMA

000133  555-00-5555  BEAR, PAUL          2160   ASSIS PROF AY

    • Approximately 80 characters and 20 lines of data will display at a time.  
    • The page numbers are displayed as the report will print (approximately 60 lines per page).
    • To scroll up and down, use the F7 and F8 keys, respectively.  
    • To scroll left and right, use the F10 and F11 keys, respectively.  
    • To search for a character string, use the F5 key.
    • ​If you accidentally exit the hot screen, you can re-display the most recent report by entering the command RETYPE at the prompt and pressing enter.​

Last Updated: February 20, 2024